SEXY BEACH TOWEL SALE 🔥 Limited Time Only!

SET of 5 Erotic Art Fridge Magnets

Just like the forbidden fruit, these sinful fridge magnets will have you screaming YASSS when they come!

Create a frenzy with some cool kitchen gadgets. Have an edge on the game. Grandma won’t like it when she comes to stay, but your mates will think its hotter than habanero when they come to play. Make a statement... spice up your home decor today!

Designs: Lolita + Miss Daisy + Seduce Me + Sister Midnight + Luv U Long Time.

  • Strong!
  • 9.5cm x 12.5cm
  • Original Erotic Art Print
  • Authentic & Affordable
  • Multi Use: Refridgerator + Toolbox + Filing Cabinet + Locker + BBQ + Anywhere else it sticks!


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